has wanted to recreate everything that is found in nature to provide you with unique and exclusive paths. Spaces, products and techniques used will accompany you on an unforgettable journey to find your inner harmony and your outer beauty.


It is the most common question people ask us, or that we do when we meet someone… The most frequent responses are:
“Always in a hurry”- “It could be better”- “I’m stressed”…
Society imposes on us the increasingly frenetic rhythms taking away time to dedicate ourselves to ourselves.
Also the continuous environmental disasters, changes of the planet we live and the huge amount of diseases, led to part of human consciousness to search of a kind of return to the natural, organic and biological aimed at safeguarding and “recovering” what has been destroyed, protecting by first Their own body … we are living in the era of the biological product.

From this principle arises Armonia e Benessere: a corner full of peace and serenity where you can find yourself.

To make this possible, thanks to the training and the experience gained over many years in the holistic health field working with Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Crystal Therapy techniques, I have chosen for you a certified organic cosmetics line.
In few words, we put all the sources of nature at your service. And you will not find only products and techniques, but also nature paths such as TURKISH BATH and SALT CAVE that in nature are two environmentswhere the body is purified and re-oxygenates in a physiological way and mind relaxes.

Roberta Pennacchia


Lakshmi offers different natural products, made thanks to the intelligence that Mother Nature has enclosed in plants. The skin reflects the health, well-being, joy, inner balance but also imbalances, problems, disease, suffering. People get the true beauty and perfect health only if they live in total agreement with the laws of nature and the universe.
Love for the skin, love your body, love for the environment!
The stress of modern life, pollution, the use of cosmetics too aggressive are the most important causes of skin aging and health problems. For this reason, Lakshmi only provides natural products of plant composition, healthy, safe, reliable and effective.

Cosmetic Lakshmi after hard controls have been awarded the eco-bio certificate ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) that ensures the protection of human health and the environment in which he lives, thanks to the raw materials of Natural Origin and reducing the environmental impact. Also, they use natural components derived from plants into bio-dynamic farming, organic and wild, such as plant extracts, floral waters coming from aromatic plants, cold-pressed vegetable oils and 100% pure essential oils.

It means providing the product added value. It is an ethical choice where the naturalness of the product has a higher affinity with the naturalness of the body and ensures its effectiveness. In fact, the organic production method, considers the whole agricultural ecosystem, promotes biodiversity, excludes the use of GMOs and uses strict rules for the protection of the environment, people and animal welfare.The whole the production chain of the material and of the final product processing, undergoes highly accurate controls. We favored the use of plants from organic crops and wild plants. This type of culture respects the natural growth of the plant and makes it possible to integrate the maximum vitality and the properties essential for its function.


  • Active Ingredients Certified Organic
  • Excellent Fragrances Natural given from the synergies between plants, essential oils and natural plant extracts
  • Eco-friendly Packaging
  • Packaging made from environmentally friendly cellulose coming from forests managed sustainably
  • Plants coming from biodynamic cultivation, organic, wild
  • Preservatives allowed by ICEA certification bodies: grapefruit extract, Vitamin A, E, C, essential oils
  • Essential oils 100% pure and natural
  • Both components that the finished product have not been tested on animals
  • Vegetable oils cold pressed
  • Important instructions ayurveda
  • Liposomes of wheat germ carrying the precious nutrients to the dermis moisturizers and restructuring
  • Plant extracts without any harmful effects


  • Peg
  • silicones
  • acrylate
  • EDTA
  • BHT
  • BHA
  • PPG
  • organohalogen compounds
  • propylen glycol
  • parabens
  • isomethylisothyazolinone
  • Petrolati
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate
  • Synthetic Dyes
  • animals Components
  • Chemical preservatives

LAKSHMI is against genetic manipulation and requires no transgenic components suppliers the products LAKSHMI are not tested on animals and contain no animal substances. The packaging does not contain PVC. Lakshmi prefers raw materials such as glass or recyclable plastic. The paper used in Lakshmi is FSC certified and comes from forests where they met the strict environmental, social and economic. We protect the forests, which are nothing more than the extension of our lungs!