This is also an ancient natural science that uses aromatic essential oils and plant extracts to enjoy their beneficial effects on the physical, psychological and emotional.
The first and the fastest way of communication with the brain is precisely the sense of smell; for the Ayurveda the nose is the door to enter the brain and consciousness.
The essence of the plant is a real aromatic messenger to the limbic system that depending on the stimulus received “order” the organ or the corresponding part of the body to react depending on the active ingredient used.
A GOOD PERFUME MAKES US FEELING GOOD: through the perception of the smells the emotional sphere is activated, the memory, the sensibility and all related cognitive areas, also the endocrine and immune systems.
The benefits are truly endless when used on the skin it improves hydration, healing, activate the rejuvenation and more; when instead used to olfactory level, also thanks to the diffuser and ionizer, it acts on sleep, on relaxation, on the concentration, on the fears and on everything that concerns the mental sphere.

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